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Menstrual Heating Self Massager Portable Stomach Warming Belt Thermal Massager Period Pain Relief

Menstrual Heating Self Massager Portable Stomach Warming Belt Thermal Massager Period Pain Relief

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Material: Safe & Skin-friendly Plush

Size: Approx. 17.6-18.5*8.6*2.5cm

Feature 1: 3 to 6-Gear Heating (40℃/45℃/50 ℃/55℃/60℃/65℃)

Feature 2: 4 to 6-Gear Vibration Massage

Feature 3: 3-Second Rapid Heating

Feature 4: Curved Heating pad design to fit the body

Feature 5: Extensive Area Heating to provide 90% uniform heat

Feature 6: Two Control Buttons for Vibration & Temperature Adjustment

Feature 7: NTC Intelligent Temperature Control

Feature 8: 30-Minute Automatic Timing

Feature 9: Built-in Security Chip

Feature 10: Noise-Cancellation Design

Feature 11: Adjustable elastic strap with buckle

Feature 12: USB Charging (Type C Cable)

Feature 13: Portable Device

Function 1: Menstrual/Period Heating Pad for Cramp Relief

Function 2: Menstrual colic heater

Function 3: Belly Heating Belt

Function 4: Abdominal Massage & Relaxation

Function 5: Abdominal Warming / Presses

Function 6: Vibration Massage

Voltage: 5V

Certification: CE


Type A:

6-Gear Vibration massage;
6-Gear Heating(40℃/45℃/50 ℃/55℃/60℃/65℃);
3 seconds quick heating;
Larger area heating, NTC intelligent temperature control;
automatic timing 30 minutes;
Type C cable.

Type B:

1.Three seconds rapid heating, built-in security chip;
2.Three -speed intelligent temperature adjustment (50 ℃/55℃/60℃);
3.Four-speed vibration massage;
4.Adjustable elastic strap with buckle;
5.Two control buttons (adjust vibration, adjust temperature).


Use safety materials, heat evenly, and have high safety, no need to worry about insufficient heat or overheating and burns.
Switching position, constant temperature 40-65 degrees, freely adjustable .
rapid heating, rapid heat generation, no need to wait.
USB charging,it can be connected to power, computer and charging treasure.

Type A:

A Type-Six Gear Vibration:

Adapt to the demand for massage strength under different conditions.

A Type-6-Gear Heating:

1st gear: 40 ℃/104 ° F
2nd gear: 45 ℃/113F
3rd gear: 50 ℃/122 ° F
4th gear: 55 ℃/131 ° F
5th gear: 60 ℃/140 ° F
6th gear: 65 ℃/149 ° F

3 Seconds Fast heating:

Extensive Heating: Increased heating area to 90% uniform heat for abdominal or uterine cramps relief.

Heating pad with curved design
can be more comfortable to fit the body.

Comparison before and after use:

Before use: Cold Private Parts: Dysmenorrhea & Period Cramps.
After use: Warm Private Parts:Menstrual & Period Pain Relief.

Intelligent NTC SecurityTemperature Control:

Make the temperature work within the set interval.

Good Gift Choice:

Skin Friendly Plush:

It can be used close to the skin for comfort and warmth.

Intelligent Timing:

Use it for 30 minutes every day to relax.

Type B:

Type B:


Prohibit the use of crowd:

1.Moderate and severe cardiovascular diseases are forbidden to be used in patients with severe heart disease.
2.Patients with skin sensory impairment or skin abnormality are prohibited from using it.
3.Patients with gout during the onset of the disease or who have not fully recovered from gout are forbidden to use.
4.Patients with cervical tumors are forbidden to use.
5.Prohibition of pregnancy.


1.It is recommended not to use the high-grade temperature for more than 8 minutes
2.The skin sensitive recommendation is to use it through the clothes.

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